The Making of Castle Builder I Video Slot Game: The Music Score (Part 2 of 3)

The stakes were high. Much rested on the success of the audio production of this huge, unique video slot. A vast amount of extra time was invested into turning this production into a true statement of innovation. One that could help Castle Builder set the bar in online gambling. The pressure was on.

3 years ago
Case Study
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September 2012

The following month was intense. The Worshiper Background music, the Castle Complete music, the Marriage fanfare (one of the Rabcat team’s favorites, played at their studio around the clock) and the renowned opening theme of Castle Builder were created.

Naturally, the opening theme was created first, setting the style direction and majestic mood of the game.

But that’s not all. MADLORD also developed win sounds and other interface sound assets.


United We Lead

Castle Builder - Baroque Castle

The music here needed to immerse players into this magnificent castle and kingdom. The previous two music scores had already set the bar high. MADLORD needed to rise to the occasion once again.

There was a time in history where honor was all you had.

Once upon a time, men were brave enough to jump into formidable adventures. Into the unknown. Into certain death. And so the music would have to depict the very highest level of honor. Duty. A sense of community. The type of which can inspire and unite people to overcome insurmountable obstacles and achieve seemingly impossible objectives. The type that can unleash greatness in every human being.

The human spirit at its most inspiring.

And so United We Lead was conjured. The Baroque era influenced the choice of organ and instrumentation used. The harmony. The music cadences. The key modulations. The melodic shapes and motifs. The intention? To propel the player irresistibly into this era.

At this point, ‘Part A’ of the theme was done. The musical idea for ‘Part B’ was also done, but not yet perfected. Although a mixed SATB choir was used in the beginning, a solely male choir proved more inspiring in the final cut.


A Trip to the Origins of Reality

Castle Builder - Mayan Castle

Extraordinarily, the three music pieces for this kingdom were composed in one day. They were designed to be switched on and off as the player advanced on building the castle. Clearly, this kingdom was situated in another realm. A kingdom high in the clouds calls for the fantasy music genre. Only this time it was inspired by Mayan and Aztec cultures.

The earthly instrumentation was brought to life with indigenous percussion, such as rainsticks and other types of shakers, creating an ephemeral, dream-like atmosphere. Plus, a male voice and a Quena produce melodic phrases with a distinctive flavor of past civilizations in Central and South America.

The music also had to convey the otherworldly.

There was, perhaps, a mystical, otherworldly state of transition for the Mayans before they disappeared. What that state may have been, or how they vanished is not known for certain. But for MADLORD, reflecting on these questions provided a vision for this music score.

The communion MADLORD has with the otherwordly and the knowledge and familiarity with the cultures of those regions, allowed for a deeper understanding of the message of the music.

Drones. Mystic winds. And thunder from the ancient gods.

Two constant 6/8 percussive rhythms were conjured to set the listener into a special tribal trance. Transporting the player on a mystical journey to pre-ancient times. Where lost and unknown civilizations roamed the Earth. And finally project your astral body deep into the past.

Ready for the next challenge.

The biggest, most dramatic, elaborate and memorable orchestral music score was yet to be created. And that was going to require more focus than any other piece of music…

… to be continued in Part 3.


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