Send Us:

Your CV in pdf format.

A color photo of yourself. Links to your work, indicate which three pieces are the strongest in your opinion and why. Note: the look of your CV will speak volumes about your professionalism, attitude and attention to detail.

A cover letter — pdf.

Talk to us in plain English (we need all representatives of MADLORD to speak and write very good English). Tell us about yourself. Why should we hire you? What can you teach us that we don’t already know? Why are you unique? When did you last do something fantastic? Something extraordinary? MADLORD is listening. Make an impression.

Offering freelance services?

Tell MADLORD about the three music styles of which you have the most command, along with your per-second-price for:

  1. Sound design
  2. Post-production
  3. Arranging
  4. Mixing and mastering
  1. Composition
    (symphonic, pop, etc.)
  2. Sound implementation
    (FMOD, Wwise, etc.)
  3. Performance
    (voice, piano, etc.)
  4. Voice-over assets

Also, MADLORD would like to know your % added-cost for a complete rights buyout (if ever needed – for example: all IP rights, renouncing royalties, worldwide exclusive license, etc.). Please include a list of the equipment you use (e.g. PC or MAC, DAW, instrument and SFX libraries, sound processors plugins, microphones, pre-amplifiers, monitors, etc.) and tell us where you are located. Send us all these information in a pdf document. Only the freelance-applications that include the complete information we request in both sections of this page, will be considered.