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Forsaken Kingdom

Legend says of a sword that will bring power and the kingdom to its beholder. This dark medieval tale is the  central theme of this absolutely astonishing game. With it's breath taking AAA game 3D models, stunningly realistic and authentic armoured knights, motion capture cinematic sword fights and medieval sceneries, this premium video slot production placed itself as the most striking gambling game of it's kind.

action, adventure, dark, epic, excalibur, King Arthur, legend, mythical

No other previous video slot in history had ever Risen to  this level of AAA video game graphics and block buster cinematics.  Forsaken Kingdom is a statement of the artistic prowess and superior technique of Rabcat’s 3D art department. This production was a clear statement of Rabcat’s supreme and undeniable 3D modeling and animation superiority in the premium gambling game arena.

To match this bold  display of superiority MADLORD was summoned to conjure, in all it’s glory, grandeur and darkness, the world of King Arthur and Excalibur.

MADLORD then created a full and powerful orchestral block buster sound track. Delving deeply into the darkness of that Era. The mysterious tale of Excalibur and the dark forces surrounding it.  And the epic battle of good and evil to save a decaying kingdom.

An exciting  and powerful sound design production was forged with iron and black magic.  And the exciting fight scenes were supported by an engaging audio post-production.  An unquestionable and  vastly superior premium audio production far beyond all of Rabcat’s competition pushed Rabcat’s statement to an undeniable place in gambling history.

To complete this  premium gambling game an striking full cinematic video trailer was produced. Supported with music and  audio post-production.


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