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The Legend of Olympus

Welcome to the ancient world of the Olympians. Your quest? Travel to Mount Olympus. And once there, join the mighty gods – Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite and Ares – in the epic battle against Hades. Your journey will take you into the underworld, across river Styx and towards secret treasure.

action, adventure, God, Greece, mythical, Olympus, Zeus

The Legend of Olympus was the first premium gambling production by Rabcat – a leading supplier of high-end, real-time 3D-content for the interactive video game industry. They had to make a big impression in the gambling arena. To do so, they put to work their state-of-the-art 3D-modelling techniques used in their video game art production.

As this was Rabcat’s first foray into the world of premium gambling games, the audio production needed to be every bit as phenomenal as the visuals.

That’s why Rabcat summoned MADLORD to create complete audio production, including original music and sound design.

The epic symphonic score features a full choir to evoke the majestic grandeur of the ancient gods. The score is contrasted with delicate chamber music, strewn with Lydian melodies and accompanied by santoor, dumbek and harp. The sound design delivered a palette of powerful sounds, including volcanos, lightning, thunder, fire, lava, the clash of metal and huge shock waves.

The result? MADLORD created the perfect complement to Rabcat’s stunning visuals, bringing the ancients to life.


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