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The Legend of Olympus Trailer

Fight to banish Hades from Mount Olympus.



action, adventure, aphrodite, ares, artemis, athene, choir, dinysos, God, Greece, hades, hephaistos, hermes, mount, mythology, Olympus, orchestral, poseidon, treasure, underworld, volcano, Zeus

Do you have what it takes? To stand alongside the mighty gods – Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite and Ares – and join them in their fight to banish Hades from Mount Olympus?

Become The Legend of Olympus. Help the Gods. And gain access to the underworld, where the greatest treasure ever to exist awaits…

This video trailer accompanied the launch of The Legend of Olympus ¬– Rabcat’s first foray into the world of premium gambling games. Their state-of-the-art 3D-modelling techniques and high-end video game art production put them leagues above the competition.

The audio production needed to be as phenomenal as the visual elements. That’s why Rabcat summoned MADLORD to create complete audio production, including an epic symphonic score and thunderous sound design, worthy of bringing the mighty ancients back to life.